About us

Rectron Ltd. is the first enterprise to manufacture semiconductor silicon rectifiers with Taiwaness capital and technology. In the first month of 1985, Rectron Ltd. was approved by the government to publicly issue stocks for listing, making the company's operating profit stable.
After nearly 40 years of professional production of rectifiers, Rectron Ltd. has focused on the production and promotion of its own brand. With its rich experience of over 40 years of operating personnel and loyal managers, Rectron Ltd is engaged in production and customer service. The company's largest asset and guarantee to maintain its leading position in the world rectifier.

Product description

Product Line:

Bridge Rectifiers
ESD Diodes
High Voltage
Recovery Rectifiers
Schottky Diodes
Signal-Switching Diodes
Silicon Carbide Schottky
Standard Rectifiers
TVS Diodes
Zener Diodes